Our Story

The Book Matchmaker is a company selling 'mystery' or 'blind date books' from Shrewsbury in the UK.

We pride ourselves on offering our customers something a little different and unique. Each book is wrapped with care and a lot of attention to detail.

We refer to our wrapped books as 'Book Dates' as we feel that, just like a normal date you may not have an attraction at first sight, but after spending some time getting to know your date you may even fall in love.

We wrap our books using our own designed wrapping paper which is printed locally, they are then tied up with red bakers twine. There is a label and a wooden peg and 4 words attached to the front which are printed by a handheld Retro Dymo Embosser. You can choose your Book Date by either the four words, or by its genre (the four words are then attached at the time of wrapping). Each Book Date comes with a postcard explaining the concept and a hot drink option. 

We are Theo Paphitis Small Business Sunday Winners (SBS) 

We have received many reviews like the one below from people who, after receiving their Book Date, have read books by authors or a genre that they would never have picked up off the shelf themselves. They have now not only discovered a whole new world to escape to, they have opened themselves up for all sorts of new ideas.

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    The Book Matchmaker was originally established in 2016 as The Blind Date Book Company and rebranded in 2017.