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New Year New Look

We re-opened in January with a new simple look for our Book Dates.

Our wrapping paper was designed for us especially and then printed locally. We also now add a postcard explaining the concept rather than a letter in an envelope. Each part of the book date process has now become a lot easier and also a lot simpler which in turn we feel gives off a more professional appearance and also makes our brand stand out. 

Our gift boxes have also had a new look as we have added our new Book Matchmaker mugs which are also printed locally. You still have two treat options but we have swapped the chocolate for some locally made fudge, but have kept the yummy Shrewsbury Biscuits. 

In February we introduced our official merchandise which includes our Strapline - Never  judge a book by its cover - we have jumpers, t-shirts and book bags available and hoping to add more over time. 

We had a wonderfully busy mother's day period, thanks to everyone that ordered from us. It has been so nice hearing how well they were received as gifts. 

We are looking forward to spring now and the weather warming up a little. Lots of exciting plans ahead which we will share with you along the way! Make sure you follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for up to date information and discount codes. 

Katy x